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260 Brownley Road,
Manchester, M22 5EB

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0161 - 437 - 1080

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9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays


”This course [BD] has presented the Bible in a new and exhilarating way. I recommend this course to anyone who wishes to deepen their faith, but be warned - its addictive!”

Rachel McFarlane

About Us

Our Identity:

We are trans-denominational, registered Evangelical education Institution offering courses in Biblical studies, Theology, Humanities, Social Sciences, Information Technology, Natural Sciences, Pre-Professional and Professional Studies. In other words, we are an innovative Christian College, offering strong core Biblical and Theological studies but broadening the concept of ministry to include vocations outside the Church/Christian Organisations.

An Integrated approach to learn underpin all the college’s educational programmes, bringing together the intellectual, personal, spiritual, pastoral and relational. In short, we take a holistic approach to learn, linking academic rigour, personal and spiritual transformation in community and professional/vocational development.

Our Values:

  • A sense of belonging: We are proud to be part of Manchester International Christian College. We know that lifelong relationships are formed here.
  • Academic ambition: We want our teaching and research to be excellent. We are determined that our students and staff will realize their full potential.
  • Innovation: We are purposeful, challenging and curious about our world. We are prepared to do things differently. We are creative, entrepreneurial and bring enthusiasm to everything we do.
  • Supporting each other: We are friendly and inclusive and celebrate individuality and diversity. We support and encourage everyone, and strive hard to anticipate and meet needs and aspirations.
  • Honesty and openness: We operate with integrity, trust and respect for each other and we deliver on our promises. We share ideas, information and challenges and we seek out views and opinions.
  • Theological Education: We take Theological education in imaginative and new direction.
  • Passionate: We are passionate about the advancement of knowledge and the education of students.
  • Social: We enhance social, cultural and economic well-being.

Our Partners:

We have established and are establishing agreements with various educational institutions to achieve our aims and aspirations. Beyond the scope of the classroom. a wide variety of activities are planned in an attempt to enhance the educational experience. Also, through a variety of partnerships with churches, Christian agencies, educational institutions, governmental, non-governmental and other organisations, we seek to build bridges between education and life. Intentional on and off-campus learning experiences help to create a unified educational experience for the student so that learning becomes a life changing experience, growth and service rather than a mere academic exercise.

Legal Information:

MICC is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England: 07977076 VAT: 13108153


Our college building is well equipped for disabled staff and students.


We provide excellent computing facilities for staff and students.

Car park:

There is ample car parking facilities for staff and students.


The college does not own accommodation but may give advice for suitable accommodation. The Chaplain would be happy to help.

Enquirers Day:

Come and enjoy day with us and gain valuable insights into life and work in the College through experiencing a lecture, meeting students and staff, and ask questions. Contact registrar for more details.

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